This course is taught by Steve Woolridge (Kansas City Chief Krav Maga Instructor) and Rick Staples (35yr veteran police officer, tactical shooting instructor of Kansas Police Academy, adjunct instructor Thunder Ranch).

The civilian firearms training programĀ is designed for individuals who currently have or are interested in getting a concealed carry permit, or are just interested in learning firearm handling and quality marksmanship.

This is a very intensive 12 hour Firearm/Krav Maga training course. Here are a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • Firearms safety. From correct storage at home to carrying concealed in public.
  • How to draw a firearm properly from concealment.
  • When you should and shouldn’t draw a firearm in an altercation.
  • Weapon retention while standing and on the ground.
  • How to move in any direction to be able to access your firearm. Standing or on the ground.
  • How to strike with your weapon.
  • How to properly load and unload you’re weapon in many different situations.
  • How to fix a stoppage on any handgun.
  • Learn how to properly move with and learn to shoot while moving with a firearm.
  • Training and stress drills with air-soft guns.
  • How to draw a firearm while seated in your car.
  • How to become a better marksman immediately.

Again, this is just a portion of what you will learn in this class. This is information you will always be able to access and if practiced will always make you better. These are life skills.

We’ve trained everyone from rank beginners to individuals with 30+ years of firearms experience. It continues to amaze me how little even the most experienced of shooters know about real-world firearm handling and tactics.

We are so confident that what we have to offer is so much better than anything else you’ve ever done, that if you don’t feel that we’ve given you skills that can make you safer and an appreciably better firearm handler we’ll give you your money back.