Krav Maga KC | Civilian Integrated Krav Maga/Concealed Carry Firearms Training

Civilian Integrated Krav Maga/Concealed Carry Firearms Training

Civilian Integrated Krav Maga/Concealed Carry Firearms Training

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Join us for the Civilian Integrated Krav Maga/Concealed Carry Firearms Training. The classes are taught by Rick Staples (35 Veteran police officer and Police Academy Firearms Instructor) and Steve Woolridge (Kansas City Chief Krav Maga Instructor). The classes will be starting Saturday, March 28th from 12 pm to 4 pm.

The next two classes are Saturday, April 18th from 12 pm to 4 pm, and the live-fire training is Sunday, May 17th from 8 am to 12 pm. Each session is four hours long and they build on the previous class. These classes are one of a kind integration of Krav Maga along with Tactical Firearms Training. This is not a class to get a concealed carry license. We can direct you to individuals who can help with that. This class is for individuals who currently have a CCH, are looking to get one in the future, or simply want to know how to properly handle a firearm, learn marksmanship and how to defend themselves in a real-world environment.

There are way too many things that you’ll accomplish during the training to list everything, but here’s a short list:

  • The four basic rules of firearm safety (including from your home to carrying concealed)
  • The optimal way to draw a firearm (from a holster or concealment, including from a vehicle)
  • When are times to draw your weapon and when not to
  • How to run your firearm or any handgun after a malfunction
  • How to draw, load/reload, and fire your weapon while stationary or moving (standing, on the ground, in a vehicle)
  • Weapon retention while the weapon is out or holstered. (standing, on the ground, in a vehicle)
  • Stress drills while using airsoft training guns
  • 4 hour live-fire training session. Drawing your weapon, loading and reloading and shooting while stationary and while moving. This is training that is guaranteed to make you a better marksman

This is NOT a stand in a stall and pretend that you are a ninja while shooting paper targets one round at a time under zero stress firearms class. This is as real world as you can possibly get.

If you hired Rick and myself to train you privately, it would cost around $2800. Currently, the price is $750 when you prepay by February 28th. After that, the cost will be $900.

You must attend either an Introductory Seminar or a trial week of Krav Maga level 1 classes to participate in firearms training. This is a minimum requirement. The maximum number of participants for the class is 10, and Krav Maga members get placement priority. The class fills quickly, so contact or call 913-544-6299 ASAP to secure your spot.

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