Krav Maga applies its practical, no-holds-barred approach to a complete street fighting system. Learn simple techniques to end a fight as quickly as possible. Aggressive training drills improve vision, help you manage stress, and give you techniques that work in real-life street fights.

Fight Prog

What to Wear

    Pants: Any kind of training pants.

    Shirts: Krav Maga t-shirt or a plain black or white t-shirt. No elaborate logos; no multiple colors. No tank tops or sport bras.

    Shoes: White-soled or non-marking athletic shoes such as cross training, martial arts, or wrestling shoes.

    Required Gear: mouth piece, hand wraps, gloves (14 or 16oz boxing gloves), shin guards, athletic cup.

    Recommended Gear: head gear, forearm pads.

Introduction to Fight

This beginning level fight class is designed for students who want to experience fighting in a step-by-step, methodical, non-intimidating fashion. The students will learn movement, basic punches, kicks, blocks, combinations and defenses against attacks.


This class is designed for students who have achieved a higher-level of fight skills and have been recommended by a Fight instructor for advancement from the Intro Fight class. Students will continue to sharpen skills in this faster-paced, higher-contact, no-rules environment.

Competitive Fight

  • MMA
  • Thai Boxing
  • Kick Boxing
  • Boxing

At Krav Maga & Fitness Center, we take a balanced approach to training for ring fighting. We combine the best aspects Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, Western Boxing and Muay Thai to develop competent and well-rounded fighters.

Our training program places equal emphasis on groundwork and standup, and is tailored to the event and the individual skill level. Our fighters experience improved skill level through a combination of intense conditioning, drills and sparring.