Krav Maga KC | Integrated Krav Maga/Concealed Carry Classes

Integrated Krav Maga/Concealed Carry Classes

With all the craziness that is going on on the planet right now, our integrated Krav Maga/Concealed Carry classes should be mandatory for everyone who carries a firearm. The classes cover a variety of topics and are taught by some of the top firearms instructors in the Metro area.

The classes will be held December 10th, January 8th and February 4th. This is a series of three four-hour classes spaced over this time. Each class builds on the previous, so you will need to attend all three classes in order to complete the course.

This is a “how to fight with a firearm” class. Not theory. There’s about 50 hours worth of training in the 12 hours of instruction.

Here are just a few things this class will cover:

  • Handling of your weapon from the lock box to use
  • Administrative loading and unloading of the weapon
  • Loading and unloading while moving
  • Fixing stoppages (stationary and moving)
  • Learning to draw your weapon from concealment
  • How to create space so you can draw your weapon
  • Weapon retention (standing and on the ground. Also when someone has their hands on your weapon)
  • Counter car jack/Drawing and use of the weapon while in a vehicle
  • Stress drills with airsoft pistols
  • 4 hrs of Live fire. Drawing and shooting from concealment. Shooting while moving.

The price for the class is currently $900, but we offer a 10% discount if you pay early. The cost of the course will increase next year. It will be limited to only 10 people per class, and spots are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our members have priority placement in the class. If you are not a member, you MUST attend either an Introductory Seminar or a week of our Krav Maga classes so you won’t be totally lost.

You can reach us at 913-544-6299 or email me at to register.