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Veterans Day 2016

Veterans Day 2016

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To all Veterans, Happy Veterans Day!

I love to get people to think. To really think for yourself. Not to regurgitate crap that you heard on tv, internet or from your friends. Really dig into not what others believe, but what you think and believe. As a disabled vet I appreciate the current sentiment of honoring Veterans. I would venture to say that most Vets feel the same. However this has not always been the case and there are a large number of Americans who don’t agree with or respect those who have served. Go back and read accounts of Vietnam Vets returning home and having American people spitting on them. Imagine if that was your Grandfather, Father, Brother, Uncle, your best friend. How would you feel about that? How would you like it if others treated you that way based solely on their opinion of you? I guarantee that all the cowards who do things like that would cry like babies if someone did the same to them. I would also venture to say that no Vet had these people in mind when they joined. They volunteered or were drafted to serve a cause that they believed in…. Freedom. Freedom to voice their opinion. Free to live their lives and to allow others, regardless of their opinions, to do the same. There is currently a huge push afoot that unfortunately has grow even stronger than in years past. This is the attitude of everyone wanting to regulate what everyone else gets to say, do or think. This also includes telling people they must be altruistic and self-sacrificing. These people are childish and are generally the last to act that way themselves. They want to control how others think and act because they can’t control their own lives. People, when given the opportunity to do so, will do incredible caring things for others. No one does anything in a caring way when forced to do so.

Do yourself a favor today. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. It should take you less than five minutes. Think about what it means to be free. Not an American. Free. Not to make other people do what you want so you can feel better. Free. Go to Cuba and complain about how bad you have it. Go to Nigeria. Go to Syria. Go to Darfur. Think about Freedom. Free to say what you want. Free to do what you want. You live in the country with THE most Freedom. Appreciate it.

Steve Woolridge

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